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Client /Artist Trust

Date / December, 2000



/ 8.5" x 5.5"
Complete Brochure pdf

Production / Designed in
Adobe Pagemaker.
Cover was offset printed with
2 PMS inks + varnish,  Inside pages were photocopied and
























































Pre-Announcement Card
/ 6" x 4"

Production / Designed in
Macromedia Freehand.
Offset print with 2 PMS inks.






Announcement Card
Size / 10.75" x 4.5"
folds to 6.25" x 4.5"
Complete Card pdf

Production / Designed in
Macromedia Freehand. Offset print
with 3 PMS inks + varnish.














Artist Trust is a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. To accomplish its mission, Artist Trust gives financial grants, serves as a professional information resource for artists and encourages artists to support each other and provides recognition and support for the contributions artists make to the lives of people of Washington State and for the merit and integrity of artistsí work.



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